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Originally by Balungile Belz, edited by Magdalena Palavecino

This International Women’s Day, we want to shine a light on four groundbreaking grassroots organizations from the GlobeMed network whose work contributes to improving women’s health across the globe.

Set Her Free, Uganda | GlobeMed at The George Washington University

Set Her Free (SHF) is a non-profit that strives to empower women in Uganda to become self-sustaining by providing vocational training, health services, formal education, and rehabilitative services. Founded in 2011 by Robinah Muganzi and Robin Nestler — two women who believe that every girl should be given the opportunity for a…

Over the past year there has been a very public reckoning with white supremacy culture in the United States. From the calls to defund the police in part because of their roots in slave-catching patrols to the violent backlash in the nation’s capitol waged in part by people wearing white supremacist symbols, there has been a greater scrutiny of the ways that our society upholds white supremacy culture than ever before.

A person dressed in a black hoodie with a black face mask holds a hand-lettered sign above their head that reads, “It’s not Black against white. It is the whole WORLD against RACISM.” There is a crowd of people in the background, also holding signs above their heads.
A person dressed in a black hoodie with a black face mask holds a hand-lettered sign above their head that reads, “It’s not Black against white. It is the whole WORLD against RACISM.” There is a crowd of people in the background, also holding signs above their heads.
Credit: Rasande Tyskar, used under Creative Commons license

This is a particular point of reflection for nonprofit organizations. Historically, nonprofits have operated from a paternalistic perspective: “we know what needs to be done to help these people.”…

By Rhea Desai and Prachi Kale, Co-Presidents at GlobeMed at USC

As we get into the swing of GROW planning and preparation, it is important to recognize the work chapters have been doing this academic year to sustain their partnerships in a virtual setting. One chapter we have seen commit to improving the integration and sustainability of their partnership is GlobeMed at University of Southern California (USC). GlobeMed at USC is partnered with Spark Microgrants and you can check out their Partnership 101 to learn more about their partnership!

[Photo: GlobeMed at USC GROW trip 2018]

While partnership has always been central to the mission and activities…

Written by Najma & Sachika, Chapter Coaches

Dr. Achura Bob M., the Executive Director of Global Health Network Uganda (GHN (U)), is particularly motivated by the organization’s positive impact on the community members.

In his words, it’s all about, “creating hope and generating smiles in the faces of the most disadvantaged, poor and vulnerable women and children in our communities through strategic, community driven, integrated maternal, child health & livelihood initiatives.”

GHN (U) is based in Northern Uganda, and focuses on integrating child and maternal health with livelihoods programming. In 2008, a network of international researchers and activists founded GHNU…

By: Nathan Tran, GlobeMed at UCLA

Recent social injustices such as the racialized murders of countless Black Americans and the disproportionate harm of COVID-19 on marginalized communities have underscored institutionalized oppression we have maintained for decades. While these issues have recently gained greater public attention, they themselves are not recent. However, as a result of the increased public attention, we witness the strengthening of existing change-making coalitions committed to having their demands heard as well as the burgeoning of new change-making communities dissatisfied with the status quo. As GlobeMed leaders, we know how crucial it is to center our partners…

Uganda Development and Health Associates & Washington University in St. Louis

By Magdalena Palavecino, Communications and Social Media Intern

Three GlobeMed chapters have the special quality of having maintained their partnership with grassroots organizations across the globe, through thick and thin, for 12 years. With stay-at-home orders and the cancellation of all GrassRoots On-site Work (GROW) internships this past summer, students and partners reflected on their histories together and looked forward to reinventing their partnership in the next year.

GlobeMed at Washington University at St. Louis (WashU) works in collaboration with Uganda Development and Health Associates (UDHA). Formed in 2003, UDHA is a grassroots NGO that provides reproductive health, youth empowerment…

Dear GlobeMed community,

As I step into this new role at GlobeMed HQ, I’d like to offer my warmest greetings to this incredible community. I’m thrilled to join the team as the Communications and Development Manager, a position that will not only work with you all to share your stories far and wide, but also leverage them to secure funding to continue to nurture future leaders in global health. I look forward to hearing more from each of you about how you have been brave, dug deep, seen possibility, grown together, followed through, built sustainably and stayed authentic.

While I…

By: Magdalena Palavecino, Partnership Director at GlobeMed at UCLA, and Communications & Social Media Fellow at GHQ

Let’s face it: leadership development workshops can be mechanical and dull. Don’t get me wrong, learning about how to be a leader has the potential to be very eye-opening and exciting, but oftentimes coaching sessions around leadership strategy fall into routine, traditional, stale “professional development” steeped in status quo ideas. Alternatively, GlobeMed’s 2020 Leadership Institute completely revolutionized how I see leadership and professional development.

GlobeMed’s anti-oppression statement reads: “Whether at home or abroad, marginalized groups are often excluded from decision-making that impacts their…

By: Molly Wilde, Communications & Development Fellow

After COVID-19 caused the cancellation of all GROW (GrassRoots On-site Work) internships this summer, GlobeMed student leaders worked together to develop creative strategies to continue to support their grassroots partners and the communities they serve. From intensifying community health needs to widening technological barriers to communication, the coronavirus pandemic created an unprecedented strain on community organizations around the world, prompting many chapters and partners to engage in sustainable community development work through a remote service platform. GlobeMed at Colorado College and their grassroots partner WOPLAH is one partnership in particular that has succeeded…


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